Alaskan Alder smoking wood pellets

Our 100% Alaskan Alder wood pellets (no fillers) are the best type of cooking wood for grilling and smoking fish. Alder is the one wood primarily used in Alaska for salmon and their other fish that the catch. Whichever fish you are cooking, Alder smoking wood pellets is the way to go!


alder wood



For the best results with your Alder wood, soak the pellets for 30 minutes which will provide a great smoke. Then put 1/3 of a cup or 1/2 a cup in some aluminum foil. Then poke a few holes in your aluminum foil so the sweet smoke can escape. You are ready to grill or smoke your fish! Alder wood pellets are also used for smoking meat, pork and grilling vegetables. It is the choice firewood for sale in Alaska and it's how smoking salmon fish and grilling fish got to be famous. Alder is a special cooking wood that is a delicate smoking wood for sale that is just right for all types of fresh water and salt water fish cooking. Alder smoking wood pellets - Growokc !  Everyone has a different bbq smoker or grill so using this alder wood is easy. Some chefs ad backyard cooks like to start with charcoal and when it is hot put on the alder wood pellets after they have been soaked in water for a little bit. The charcoal will heat up and you will begin to get the amazing alder wood smell to your cooking ad smoking. Alder wood flavor will be much better than frying in a skillet. always choose wood flavoring for the best results. Alder wood !


alder wood



Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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