Apple Pinion firewood

pinion wood
This is our special mix of sweet native Oklahoma apple hedge wood mixed with Santa Fe Pinion!  This has been a popular mix because the native apple hedge wood for sale burns long and sweet. This is a great #growokc Cooking Firewood mix for your chiminea, indoor and outdoor fireplace! Our hedge apple firewood for sale is a long burning wood and also provides some great heat. Our pinion wood is one of the best smelling woods in the nation making it a prime chiminea wood.
Pinion wood is a very special chiminea wood for sale. Pinion wood is native to the Southwest United States and requires in a certain environment to grow in. They are slow growing trees and have a nice yellow core in the wood. If you are looking for a outdoor camping wood then you will really enjoy the smell of pinion wood. A nice part of relaxing in the evenings is to have a chiminea fireplace which is a popular item for the backyard. The main firewood for sale for chimineas is known as chiminea wood or also called Pinion wood. Allow us to ship you the finest nationwide.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements


Hedge apple is one of the hottest burning wood on the planet. Hedge apple might pop or spark so expect it to. It is a common characteristic and is a part of this apple wood species. If you use this wood in a chiminea or fireplace you may want a screen. Most of our customers do not mind the popping and sparking at all but this needs to be stated up front. Hedge Apple is the ideal firewood for a wood stove. For heating, this is one of the hottest burning woods on the planet and is a amazing firewood. 

When you begin to build your fire, start by burning the Santa Fe Pinion then place the Hedge Apple on the top. Hedge Apple is harder to start because it has a very hard core and makes it harder to light.  Once you get it to start burning it will provide amazing heat. We have no problem getting it to start with either over seasoned kindling, fire starters, cardboard/paper or lighter fluid.

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