Apricot wood chips

Cook your best food with our premium apricot wood for sale.   Our Apricot firewood is from southern Oklahoma and is a rare and one of the best smoking woods and cooking woods in the industry. Apricot trees have a large sap line inside the wood.  This smoking wood provides sugar to add a fruity and sweet wood flavor and provides lots of moisture so your smoked meats don’t dry out. It is nearly identical to peach wood in quality and has a mild and fruity flavor. Use these apricot smoking wood chips to make your food taste great! 
We have been using Aricot wood and Pecan wood together and have been getting really good results. The wood recipe is also used be competition BBQ smokers. A nice quality of the Apricot smoking wood is that it is a harder fruit wood inside the core and it can burn longer in your firebox and pizza oven.  Combined with a little bit of Apricot kindling, it can make a long lasting base wood at the bottom of your BBQ smoker firebox.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality.

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