Imported Long Burning Charcoal

We offer only the best 100% charcoal with no additives and chemicals. The finest charcoal for grilling and smoking. It is all natural and burns much much cleaner than your American  "commercial" charcoal you find at your local grocery store. Also, the commercial briquettes are packed full of chemicals and do not give you a long burn time. This mexican charcoal for sale is also able to provide all the heat you need for your BBQ smoker and you can just lay your cooking and smoking wood right on top of it. Expect to get more hours of heat time with this product compared to a couple hours from your local grocery store brand. Mexican charcoal is the secret to gourmet barbeque!


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the  highest quality. We keep your products out of natures elements.

charcoal for sale

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