Greenhouse Grow Smart 13 X 13

The Grow Smart 13x13 Greenhouse


Our Grow Smart line of greenhouses has become one of the most popular hobby greenhouse we carry. TheEarthCare Grow Smart Greenhouse Kit is a large and efficient Do It Yourself greenhouse kit that will get your garden off to a healthy and productive start and keep it going strong all year long. And it will do that for many, many years to come. With it's simple, but sturdy design, this is a hobby greenhouse kit that is comparable to any commercial greenhouse in it's size. Made to truly be a "4 Season" greenhouse, this is a gardening structure that can provide an environment that cultivates your plants and will produce a productive and bountiful harvest despite what the growing season conditions are outside.
Constructed with shatter-proof 10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels that provide 100% UV Protection from the sun's rays, no matter how hot it gets during the summer. And since Polycarbonate is shatter proof, it's much safer than glass because there's no there's no chance of breaking glass and producing dangerous shards that could cause injury to children or pets. And check out the size. This greenhouse has more room than any of our competitors greenhouses in the same price range. The 13x13 Grow Smart is over 13 feet wide, 13 feet long and an overall height of 9 feet. That means over 160 feet of growing room! Your larger and taller plants can now stay in the greenhouse instead of being moved outside. And the eave height is 5' 1½ feet. Six foot tall double Doors are attached to the front and back walls with hinges and provide easy access to your greenhouse and the 4 roof window vents provide proper ventilation for your garden even on the warmest of summer days. And a durable powder coated aluminum frame holds it all together.
Keep in mind that if you ever get to the point that this greenhouse is too small, Grow Smart Hobby Greenhouses are expandable in 6½ foot increments so your greenhouse can grow along with your garden. And no base is required for this greenhouse. There are several optional accessories available to customize your greenhouse like you want. Shelving and heaters as well as shade nets and automatic roof vent openers are just some of the add-ons that available.
Assembly instructions are included and no special tools are needed for assembly. This Do It Yourself Greenhouse can, under most circumstances, be put up by 2-3 people in a day. Warranties include a 15 year guarantee on the aluminum frame and 5 year limited on the polycarbonate panels. And as with all the products we offer, shipping is free in the 48 contiguous United States.

Grow Smart Greenhouse Features:

  • Dimensions: 13' - 1" long x 13' - 4" wide x 9' high
  • Structure has a simple design, but is extremely durable and safe.
  • 10 mm Double Wall Polycarbonate
  • 4 roof vents for superb ventilation.
  • 2 Large Doors on the front and back walls provide ventilation and access for your greenhouse.
  • Doors are approximately 6 feet wide.
  • Expandable for future growth.
  • Constructed for quick and simple assembly.
  • Assembly Instructions are included and no special tools are required.
  • Add on capabilities and optional accessories allow you to create the ultimate greenhouse.
  • Snap together connections make assembling this greenhouse much easier
  • Automatic Roof Openers available.
  • Shade Nets are available to provide either complete or partial shade coverage for your green house.
  • 15 Year warranty on frame.
  • 5 year limited warranty on Polycarbonate.
  • Includes free shipping for customers living in the contiguous United States. Sorry, No shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.


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      Joshua Stewart 
      2 reviews
      he product assembled with relative ease. It does not require any specific carpentry skills or construction experience. The pieces are relatively easy to handle for a man and a woman. Outcome was better than expected.
      Raymond Edwards
      2 reviews
      It has been a long time since I have done business with a company so willing to please the customer. Calls were returned promptly. This company exemplifies taking care of the customer. Do business with this company with total confidence.
      Fredrick R. 
      1 reviews
      When I bought my greenhouse, I have been a loyal and very happy customer ever since. I trust EarthCare greenhouses for all aspects of a job and the quality of work they do is really amazing. I would never do business with another company.
      Angela R
      3 reviews
      It looks charming! It was fairly easy to build and your service and delivery was fantastic. Thanks!



      3 reviews
      Such a great deal overall, I couldn't find anything this big for the price, not to mention the features. A+
      William Anderson
      3 reviews
      Probably the best greenhouse in the world, if you ask me! It's made for hardcore gardeners that want only the best equipment and the best greenhouses out there! If you are like me and wish to grow healthy vegetables incredibly fast, then this is the greenhouse you should look at. I bought the entire set of optional features and the seller delivered them really fast! If I ever need anything again for my backyard, I'll surely know what retailer to check out! A+
      Jerry Reed 
      3 reviews
      Our Harvest Hobby 10' x 13' Greenhouse is beautiful and well laid out. With some care in assembly, Harvest Hobby 10' x 13' Greenhouse will become a well built, durable addition to our yard. Thanks!

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