This is a wonderful way to learn to grow easy mushrooms!

Included: One Reishi mushroom grow-your-own kit AND a 15 minute personal phone call with the owner to help you start out! Making your growing easier!

reishi mushroom kit


Reminder: Reishi's take more time to grow and more advanced than other one of our GrowOKC kits. But, the outcome is a beautiful reishi mushroom patch. It is worth the wait!


This is a ready-to-fruit hardwood sawdust block of  reishi mushrooms. This easy to do it yourself kit should be capable of producing up to 1.5 to 2 lbs. of fresh mushrooms indoors over a 90 day period. These are ready-to-fruit hardwood sawdust block. Fruits intermittently for about six months when placed in a warm, humid location indoors. Reishi are revered as the ancient “mushroom of immortality,” reknowned for their medicinal properties all across Asia. Fresh or dried conks can be made into a powerful medicinal tea. Yields vary with environmental conditions. Includes tea recipe and GrowOKC Growing instructions.


We guarantee the first fruiting, but the rest is up to your "mushroom thumb" and reading the easy instructions. Many recipes and instructions will be included from GrowOKC Mushrooms.

Note: This reshi mushroom will start to fruit once it is brought to your house room temperature.

To delay fruiting, especially when gifting to a loved one, refrigerate upon receipt of your delivery. Kit will remain dormant for up to 8 weeks refrigerated. Expect to harvest mushrooms 4-8 days after removing it from cold storage. Easy!


You get a 15 minute phone call from the owner making your kit is set up correctly. No other mushroom companies offer this valuable custom service along with the purchase.   Thank you from

reishi mushroom

The famous Reishi mushroom


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