Hedge Apple firewood

Hedge Apple is a great smoking wood and cooking wood and is native in Oklahoma. This native apple smoking wood is great with pork and other meats, grilling vegetables and seafood. Hedge Apple smoking wood is referred to in French as the Bodark tree.

best smoking wood

 Hedge Apple is a very famous cooking and smoking wood in the Kansas area. In Kansas they have a great supply of this great hot burning firewood. If you are looking for a winter fireplace wood then Hedge is one of the hottest burning firewood in the United States. In Kansas, this is a year round firewood for their BBQ smokers and fireplace needs. Hedge apple is best smoking wood for poultry and pork. It is also used extensively for red meats and is used if you'd like to do a shorter smoke in your BBQ smoker firebox.  Although we don't have a lot of Hedge growing in the hills of Oklahoma and the Cross Timbers wood region, we bring this great smoking wood in from Kansas.

Another great quality is Hedge is it is very resistant to bugs and insects. We at Growokc Cooking Firewood #growokc always use organic bug control methods, this Hedge can be insect free even if stored outdoors. All insects and bugs do not like Hedge because it is such a hard fruit wood. This is a long lasting wood that can stay around for you for a decade bug free.


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation  keeping your wood out of natures elements



Hedge apple is one of the hottest burning wood in the United States. It exceptionally great with pork. Hedge apple can pop and spark. If you are using this in your bbq smoker and your lid is closed this should not be a problem. For the best results, make a charcoal base in your smoker and set the hedge apple chunks on top. Popping an sparking is a common characteristic and is a part of this apple wood species. If you use this wood in a chiminea or fireplace you may need a screen. Hedge Apple is the ideal firewood for a wood stove. For heating, this is one of the hottest burning woods on the planet. 

When you begin to build your fire, begin with charcoal and when it is nice and very hot, place the Hedge Apple on the top. Hedge Apple has a very hard core and makes it harder to light.  Once you get it to start burning it will provide amazing heat and flavor. If you don't use charcoal, we have no problem getting it to start with either over seasoned kindling, fire starters, cardboard/paper or lighter fluid.

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