High Grade Organic Fertilizer - Fish Emulsion

For a high quality organic fertilizer, Drammatic "K" fertilizer is a excellent agricultural grade fish emulsion fertilizer.  

This is 2.5 gallon and makes up to 320 gallon. Total weight is 22 lbs.

Great value!

A powerful blend for all plants! Organic Liquid Fish & Kelp Fertilizer by Drammatic produces healthy plants and brilliant flowers. Fish provides all the primary nutrients that plants require and need while the kelp supplies essential micro nutrients. This give you an all-natural, nutritionally complete fertilizer. This organic fertilizer will not burn plants.

OMRI Listed for use in organic production

2 - 5 - 1

Features of fertilizer:
• It's Naturally balanced — a complete plant food!
• Contains trace minerals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids
• Feeds microorganisms in soil, which can fix nitrogen from the air
• Improves seed germination and root development
• Produces dark green leaves and increased sugar content


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