Greenhouse 10 X 13

This is the amazing Harvest Hobby Greenhouse that measures 10 feet by 13 feet. It is a excellent way to provide fresh produce for your family year round. There are many produce crops that you can grow yourself year round and it saves you money that you will not be spending in the grocery store. This greenhouse for sale is constructed by Earth care and it will be shipped straight to your house. We include free shipping because shipping a greenhouse would cause you a great expense. This is a great greenhouse that can get you up and growing quick! The amazing Harvest Hobby 10' x 13' Greenhouse Kit matches and bests every similar hobby greenhouse on the market in it's class and price range --- guaranteed! Other greenhouses in this price range are 4mm thick double wall polycarbonate, vs the Harvest Premium Greenhouse at a shocking 10MM thick polycarbonate --- that's 2.5 times thicker. This greenhouse is perfect for gardeners who live in colder climates and anticipate a colder Winter growing season. With this model colder climates are no problem at all.



Greenhouse Features:

  • 10mm double wall polycarbonate wall and roof panels.
  • Dimensions: 10' 1" Width x 13' 4" Length (160" L  x 121" W x 96" H)
  • 4 roof vents included.
  • 1 durable hinged Dutch door.
  • 4 season greenhouse.
  • 8' 0" high to peak.
  • Durable powder coated forest green aluminum frame.
  • Optional shade net to provide shade on the hot days during the summer, with a 60% shade factor.
  • Optional 1500 watt electric heaters.
  • Optional automatic roof openers that open the roof vents automatically, when the temperature goes up it will open and close when the temperature drops.
  • Optional misting systems, to provide extra moisture to the plants.
  • Purchase includes Free shipping for orders in the contiguous United States.
  • 15 year warranty on frame and 5 year limited on polycarbonate panels.

Greenhouse Accessories for this greenhouse: 

Click here for Dutch back door - only $195.00 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener - only $74.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Greenhouse Plant Hangers - only $16.95 each with FREE Shipping

Click here for Two Tier Potting Bench - only $104.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for One Tier Aluminum Staging 50" - only $102.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Two (2) Tier Aluminum Shelving - only $137.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Click here for 6x8 Green Mesh Shade Net - only $72.99 with FREE Shipping

Click here for 10x12 Silver Mesh Shade Net - only $92.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for 16x24 Green Mesh Shade Net - only $179.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Electronic Greenhouse Heater Fan - only $86.95 with FREE Shipping


3 reviews
Such a great deal overall, I couldn't find anything this big for the price, not to mention the features. A+
William Anderson
3 reviews
Probably the best greenhouse in the world, if you ask me! It's made for hardcore gardeners that want only the best equipment and the best greenhouses out there! If you are like me and wish to grow healthy vegetables incredibly fast, then this is the greenhouse you should look at. I bought the entire set of optional features and the seller delivered them really fast! If I ever need anything again for my backyard, I'll surely know what retailer to check out! A+
Jerry Reed 
3 reviews
Our Harvest Hobby 10' x 13' Greenhouse is beautiful and well laid out. With some care in assembly, Harvest Hobby 10' x 13' Greenhouse will become a well built, durable addition to our yard. Thanks!

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