Mesquite wood


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Our Texas Mesquite is a great hot burning winter fireplace firewood and excellent in your BBQ smoker and cooking endeavors!


Our Texas mesquite smoking wood comes from Northern Texas. It is a favorite and the best cooking wood and smoking wood Texas has to offer. Our mesquite wood for sale produces a heavy smoke and flavor. It is used for shorter cook times because of the heat mesquite produces. Mesquite is great for beef burgers, fajitas, fish and ham.


mesquite wood



There are quite a few great uses for Mesquite wood. We sold a lot of Mesquite wood during the winter months for our local winter fireplace firewood. Mesquite is a very hot burning firewood and is great in fireplaces. Since a little bit of smoke does get into your house, this has a great smell to this fine hot burning Mesquite wood. For our customers that had a little bit of Mesquite wood left over from their winter supply, they are able to throw it in their BBQ smoker for smoking and cooking some great meats, grilling vegetables and more. Mesquite is best on the grill and smoker for your shorter smoke times. When it comes to grilling burgers, fajitas and other food that is on the grill for a short time, Mesquite wood is excellent for all your cooking and smoking needs. In the state of Texas, Mesquite wood for sale is the go to wood for all functions in smoking food. Mesquite is a wildly popular firewood in Texas.


mesquite wood


 In my opinion, Mesquite smells very similar to a BBQ restaurant and that is a really great smell. Mesquite is a prolific tree growing in Texas and also in a few parts of Southern Oklahoma.  In Texas BBQ smoking competitions, they have perfected the use of this best smoking wood.  So, if you are looking for a year round firewood that is great for all seasons, consider Mesquite wood. We also have customers using it in their chimineas because of the great smell. I use a lot of Mesquite wood kindling when it comes to starting my fire in my BBQ smoker firebox. Mesquite wood gives a great base wood that really keeps my smoker warm as I add on other wood to my firebox. So, for all your Mesquite wood needs, Growokc Firewood is your connection!
When we are looking for a really thick bbq taste, that is when we use our mesquite wood the most. Some of those occasions are fajita meat, taco meat and some good 'ol fashioned tex mex bbq ribs. Texas mesquite wood is a long burning and hot burning firewood so it is equally important in the fireplace in the winter time. Here in the midwest, people burn oak firewood in their fireplace just because of its easy availability. But, a house burning mesquite wood is really cool and amazing because the smell is so much better than the average oak tree firewood. So, if you are looking for a smoking wood and some great hot burning firewood for sale, mesquite wood gets two birds with one shot. Mesquite wood is a definitely firewood and smoking wood favorite!

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation  keeping your wood out of natures elements



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