Mesquite wood kindling

Are you looking for a nice aromatic and cooking kindling for sale for your fire? We all know gas and charcoal fluid is toxic to smoking our food. Try our mesquite smoking wood and cooking wood kindling. You will receive splices, wood chunks and wood chips of our seasoned Texas mesquite wood to start your fire!


mesquite wood kindling


At Growokc Cooking Firewood, we know it is very important on how you start your fire in your BBQ smoker firebox. You don't want to start this process on the wrong note. A healthy way to start your fire is to use a little bit of paper below some of the best smoking wood kindling in the nation. Mesquite kindling wood will give your firebox the proper heat so you can next use your smoking wood of choice or to continue to use Mesquite smoking wood as your cooking wood.  We can't express the importance of not using charcoal lighter fluid or gasoline as your starting chemical because all these chemicals will seep and soak into your prized meats and food you are about to cook.


mesquite wood kindling



We offer different types of smoking wood kindling, but if you are needing some heat at the bottom of your firebox, then our mesquite kindling is a really good choice. We also add some mesquite bark because it is able to catch fire quickly.  The mesquite wood has a heavy aroma so I often use this myself as a great smoking wood starter. I often add a lighter smoking wood on top of my mesquite kindling since the mesquite alone will supply the aroma I need for a great smoking wood recipe. Mesquite trees are quite thorny as they are being cut. We trim all the thorns away so all you will get is the nice smoking wood. So if you are looking for a nice smoking wood kindling at the base of your smoker firebox, then our Mesquite wil do a great job for you and all your enjoyable cooking!


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

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