Pecan wood kindling

Are you looking for a nice aromatic and cooking kindling for sale for your fire? We all know gas and charcoal fluid is toxic to smoking our food. Try our pecan smoking wood and cooking wood kindling. You will receive splices, wood chunks and wood chips of our seasoned Oklahoma pecan wood to start your fire!

best wood for smoking


It can be dangerous for you, your family and those you are cooking for if you use dangerous chemicals to start your fire. We really suggest you use some good kindling that will start your BBQ smoker firebox off in the correct direction. We offer this Southern Oklahoma Pecan wood kindling to help you get the best outcome for smoking, cooking and grilling your best food. By the time you go out and buy your meats, vegetables and fruit to grill, you don't want to make this chemical mistake. We all know that eating and preparing foods need to have good beginnings. Our Oklahoma Southern Pecan kindling will give you a good selection of kindling pieces to start you on the best direction. I prefer Pecan wood as one of my go to smoking woods for my own cooking. Pecan is often difficult to find in some parts of the United States, but we have it very available here in the Midwest.


best wood for smoking



If you want a small fire in your BBQ smoker firebox, you can just use the Pecan wood kindling. When this fire burns down a little you can take advantage of using one of our many smoking wood pellets that we have available in our online store. This can be a wonderful combination of smoking woods that may help you find the smoking wood recipe that best fits all your cooking.  We have some other types of very exotic smoking wood pellets that enable you to choose the best choice for your needs.  Take a look in our online store for or other supplement woods to use with your Southern Oklahoma pecan wood kindling. Growokc Cooking Wood has everything you are looking for!

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements


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