Santa Fe Pinion wood with Pecan firewood

Our Growokc Pecan Pinion is a  HIGH QUALITY   FIREPLACE AND CHIMINEA WOOD of Santa Fe Pinion mixed with our Southern Oklahoma Pecan . This is a specialty firewood mix of equal parts Oklahoma pecan and New Mexico pinion and is a favorite of our customers. Our seasoned Pinon firewood is trucked to us from the mountains of New Mexico. Our pecan aromatic firewood comes from the hills of southern Oklahoma. This is not cheap wood with no aroma, it is full of aromatic aroma. This amazing chiminea firewood blend can be used 365 days a year. Pecan Pinyon wood is great for the patio and winter fireplace.  In the spring and summer, it repels bugs and mosquitoes. Yes, it does. Pinion is a natural insect repellant and our customers love never having to spray deet or other chemical on their body. Many of our customers use this specialty wood mix in their indoor winter fireplace and it gives off the sweet mountain aroma of Santa Fe and Southern Oklahoma throughout their home and neighborhood. The smell of this Pinion is referred to as the “smell of Christmas.” This wood mix is not to be used as a smoking wood and cooking wood for food.

pinion wood


 Our Santa Fe, New Mexico Pinion wood comes straight from the source in the New Mexico Mountain ranges. Pinion trees are a sow growing tree but offers the most amazing aromatic smell in our nation. It can be used as a great winter fireplace firewood. Our pinion wood chunks are a convenient way to use Pinion because they can be placed in the proper place in your chiminea fire or outdoor fireplace. Another secret we have to increase the length of your smoking time is to soak your pinion wood in water before you place them in the fire. Filling the chunks with water really makes the wood smoke more. You are not trying to catch the pinion wood on fire very much. You are after the smoke that the water filled pinion chunks create.  So, get your fire going and then place the water saturated chunks on top of your fire.  This will increase the length of time you can enjoy the sweet aroma. We are the leader of pinion wood for sale in the nation and we assure you will be very happy with your purchase in our online store.  Also, don't forget the power this pinion wood has in scaring away all those pesky insects. This has also been a popular chiminea wood in the southern states of the nation cause they have some of the worst insects, mosquitoes and bug problems in the United States.  So look no further than Growokc Cooking Firewood. We are your year round connection of the finest New Mexico chiminea, outdoor fireplace and indoor fireplace firewood!


pinion wood 


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation  keeping your wood out of natures elements

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