Persimmon wood

Persimmon fruit wood is a rare smoking wood and cooking wood from the Cross Timbers regions of Oklahoma. Growokc Persimmon firewood is a excellent light and fruity smoke for all your favorite meats. A highly rated wood for smoking and cooking.
Persimmon has been rated sweeter and a better cooking wood and smoking wood than apple wood from our loyal customers. Persimmon is known best for boston butts, ribs, beef, pork, fish and poultry.
Anything you want to sweeten and smoke right, Persimmon smoking wood will do it!


best wood for smoking


 Persimmon has some unique qualities to it when it is able to give you one of the best wood for smoking. Persimmon has a very wide sap line which is where all the sweetness comes from. When persimmon wood is freshly cut it has a yellow colored wood in the core which is similar to Mulberry smoking wood. Since I have been around cooking woods and sustainable horticulture (my college degree) it is such a interesting smoking wood. My customers have told me that it really has the sweetness even more so than Apple smoking wood.  Even more interesting is that since it is a hot burning wood it is a prime choice for your winter place. Personally, I have also used it in my outdoor chiminea and outdoor fireplace because it has such a unique smell. Persimmon wood chunks is one of the woods at Growokc Cooking Firewood that is a year round wood. If you happen to make a great choice of using it in your fireplace, what you have left over is great for your BBQ smoker.


best wood for smoking


 Persimmon wood is very hard to find around the United States, that's why we are happy it is offered to you here at Growokc Cooking Firewood. If you enjoy experimenting with your BBQ smoker and are looking for an unusual smoking wood, we urge you to give our Persimmon wood chunks a try. We can guarantee you it will be a different way of cooking for all your meats, pork, grilled vegetables and grilled fruit!


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation  keeping your wood out of natures elements

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