Santa Fe Pinion wood


 The authentic smell of Santa Fe, New Mexico Pinion wood!  

We have 25 lbs bags - 1 cubic foot bags with handles - 1,728 cubic inches total. These are 7 inch long chunks. This is not long full length firewood. Great all year round and smells amazing. Our authentic New Mexico Pinion wood is stored indoors for highest quality and we never ship damp wood.

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Our Authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood makes for a wonderful smelling holiday smell. Burn a pinion wood fire Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are very easy to use with chimineas, indoor fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces.

In the summer time, it's a natural mosquito repellant. The best year round firewood chunks!

Buy the truly authentic smell of Santa Fe Pinion wood today and delivered straight to your door

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