Greenhouse 5 x 5 Portable

This is a amazing Greenhouse that measures 5 feet by 5 feet. It is a excellent way to provide fresh produce for your family year round. There are many produce crops that you can grow yourself year round and it saves you money that you will not be spending in the grocery store. This greenhouse for sale is constructed by Earth care and it will be shipped straight to your house.


We include free shipping because shipping a greenhouse would cause you a great expense. This is a great greenhouse that can get you up and growing quick! This 5' x 5' Greenhouse Kit matches and bests every similar hobby greenhouse on the market in it's class and price range.

Greenhouse Features:

The Earth Care 5' x 5' Portable Greenhouse Kits are a best selling greenhouse kit, they make excellent gifts and for many reasons.

It's difficult to beat this product, because it provides an excellent growing environment, that anyone can use, regardless of age or experience. With it's roll-up door, one can easily cool the structure by rolling the door up, or trap heat inside to raise temperature levels, by allowing the door to stay down.



  1. Dimensions: 56" Length x 56" Width x 78" Height
  2. Cover: Features a green fiber re-inforced transparent plastic greenhouse covering, which gives the structure a green tint.
  3. Door: Comes with a zippered roll-up front door, to trap heat inside and provide easy access.
  4. Shelving: Includes 8 roomy wire shelves, which provide tons of shelving area.
  5. Installation: An extremely simple to setup greenhouse, which comes with an easy to follow assembly instruction booklet.
  6. Shipping: Free shipping within the Contiguous United States of America. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will be subject to additional shipping charges.

Greenhouse Accessories for this greenhouse: 

Click here for Greenhouse Plant Hangers - only $11.95 each with FREE Shipping

Click here for Two Tier Potting Bench - only $104.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for One Tier Aluminum Staging 50" - only $102.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Two (2) Tier Aluminum Shelving - only $109.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Click here for 6x8 Green Mesh Shade Net - only $57.99 with FREE Shipping

Click here for 10x12 Green Mesh Shade Net - only $72.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for 12x16 Green Mesh Shade Net - only $88.95 with FREE Shipping

Click here for Electronic Greenhouse Heater Fan - only $76.95 with FREE Shipping


3 reviews
Such a great deal overall, I couldn't find anything this big for the price, not to mention the features. A+
Paul Francis
3 reviews
Made for gardeners that want only the best equipment and the best greenhouses out there! If you are like me and wish to grow healthy vegetables incredibly fast, then this is the greenhouse you should look at. I bought the entire set of optional features and the seller delivered them really fast! If I ever need anything again for my backyard, I'll surely know what retailer to check out! A+
Sarah Reems 
3 reviews
Great portable greenhouse. Thanks!

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