Sprout Greenhouse

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Please Note - The Sprout Greenhouses we currently have are green in color, not silver as shown in the picture.

The Sprout Hobby Greenhouse

Because of their extreme portability, superior durability, and undeniably gorgeous appearance, Sprout Greenhouses are one of our most popular mini-greenhouse kits. Perfect for those garden enthusiasts who want to experience home gardening but have limited space.


  1. With 3 levels of greenhouse shelving sprout greenhouse kits are ideal for small locations, including apartments, balconies, patios, backyards, and other places.
  2. Made with a strong durable aluminum framing.
  3. Quick setup and take down.
  4. This greenhouse has 4mm thick polycarbonate panels, which allow gardening all year long.
  5. Dimensions: 22.8 in x 38.6 in x 57.9 in
  6. Get free shipping for all customers living in the United States. Sorry, but we do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. 
3 reviews
Such a great deal overall, I couldn't find anything this big for the price, not to mention the features. A+
William Anderson
3 reviews
Probably the best greenhouses in the world, if you ask me! It's made for hardcore gardeners that want only the best equipment and the best greenhouses out there! If you are like me and wish to grow healthy vegetables incredibly fast, then this is the greenhouse you should look at. I bought the entire set of optional features and the seller delivered them really fast! If I ever need anything again for my backyard, I'll surely know what retailer to check out! A+
Jerry Reed 
3 reviews
The Greenhouse is beautiful and well laid out. Greenhouse will become a well built, durable addition to our yard. Thanks!

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