Greenhouse 16' Garden Tunnel

tunnel greenhouse

The Garden Tunnel Greenhouse is a easy and Quick way to protect seedlings and young plants in your garden from frost, birds and annoying pests!


  • Easy to cover over each garden row that is planted.
  • The product is extremely easy setup and pull it apart.
  • During summer you should store it, as the protection from frost and negative temperatures is not needed.
  • Durable enough to use year after year..
  • Helps you to grow and harvest more hearty plants.


  1. Manufactured from tough UV Stabilized clear Poly - Plant Protector.
  2. Easy and quick set up over your garden rows.
  3. Measures 118" Long x 25" Wide x 17" High.
  4. Protects young plants and seedlings from frost and pests.
  5. Enables early and late planting because the Poly is clear with a green reinforcing web.
  6. Plants get full sun.
  7. Purchase includes free shipping for customers living in the contiguous 48 US States.


3 reviews
Such a great deal overall, I couldn't find anything this big for the price, not to mention the features. A+
William Anderson
3 reviews
Probably the best greenhouses in the world, if you ask me! It's made for hardcore gardeners that want only the best equipment and the best greenhouses out there! If you are like me and wish to grow healthy vegetables incredibly fast, then this is the greenhouse you should look at. I bought the entire set of optional features and the seller delivered them really fast! If I ever need anything again for my backyard, I'll surely know what retailer to check out! A+
Jerry Reed 
3 reviews
The Greenhouse is beautiful and well laid out. Greenhouse will become a well built, durable addition to our yard. Thanks!

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