Walnut smoking wood


A wonderful winter fireplace firewood with great heat output and also a price cooking and smoking wood!


Oklahoma Walnut smoking wood one of the best wood for smoking and is a great fireplace firewood. Walnut and is a sweet aromatic wood as a best wood for smoking for your grill and smoker! In Mississippi, walnut smoking wood is the only wood they use for their southern smoked ribs and meats. Walnut cooking wood and smoking wood really adds some flavor to all your meats. If you are in search for your wood recipe, consider walnut as one of the best smoking woods. You won't be disappointed in Oklahoma Walnut from Growokc Cooking Wood.


Walnut wood chunks, the best wood for smoking


 I have come to really love Southern Oklahoma Walnut wood. It is familiar to our Oklahoma Hickory but it doesn't seem to overpower your cooking. Walnut has a sweetness to it that I have been using along with Pecan smoking wood. Recently I have been using 50% Walnut wood and 50% Pecan wood ad I am surprised with the smoking outcome it brings with it. Walnut wood has a dark brown core that is famous i furniture making. When walnut is cut at first it is a darker brown but as it seasons the brown starts to fade. It is a nice smelling wood that also doesn't leave a lot of soot and ash in your fireplace and BBQ smoker firebox.  I say that because it is a great fireplace firewood in the winter time. It has such a better and inviting smell to it that the Midwest choice of Oak firewood.

Walnut wood chunks, the best wood for smoking

Walnut wood chunks are not available in other parts of the nation. Walnut wood chunks, the best wood for smoking is primarily a southern specialty and it is really famous in the state of Mississippi as their first choice in all their BBQ smoking and cooking. If you have used Hickory wood in the past and really love it, I would encourage you to give Walnut a try. It is a special wood in my own cooking and smoking but is considered fairly exotic and unique. So, go no further and consider these excellent Walnut wood chunks, the best wood for smoking here at Upchurch Cooking Firewood.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation  keeping your wood out of natures elements

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