Walnut wood kindling

Are you looking for a nice aromatic and cooking kindling for sale for your fire? We all know gas and charcoal fluid is toxic to smoking our food. Try our Walnut smoking wood and cooking wood kindling. You will receive splices, wood chunks and wood chips of our seasoned Oklahoma walnut wood to start your fire!


Walnut wood, the best wood for smoking


 We urge you not to start your fire in your firebox with dangerous chemicals like gasoline and charcoal lighter fluid. These chemicals will be transferred into your food that you are cooking and smoking. Even though you may think the chemicals are burned off, that is not true. Our walnut wood kindling is a great way to get around this harmful obstacle. In our opinion at Growokc Cooking Wood, the way your start your cooking wood fire is the most important part. A mistake at the beginning can ruin your whole experience. Our Walnut Wood Kindling will give you the awesome beginning to your cooking session.


Walnut wood, the best wood for smoking


 With the Walnut wood, the best wood for smoking kindling we assure you will start off on the right note. You will receive chunks, splits and all you need in your kindling bag. If you also need to start a beginning fire in your back yard chiminea this is a great wood for that. I happen to use a lot of walnut wood kindling around the wood shop and in my personal time. I do this because I know I will get quality results each time I use this best wood for smoking and starting all my cooking creations. You have found all you need in your cooking and smoking and we hope you enjoy your time here at Growokc Cooking Firewood, the nation leader in smoking woods! 


 Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

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