Vino Soaked Oak Pellets

100% (no fillers) Cabernet Wine soaked oak firewood adds rich wine and oak flavor that can’t be achieved any other way. From the heart of the wine making process these are soaked and infused with wine, not just “painted” with wine. 


smoking wood pellets

 Growokc smoking wood pellets are a great addition to all your cooking because it is a great way to make your cooking taste so much better. It is quite a bit easier to bring smoking wood pellets into your cooking because of it ease of it not being a full length piece of firewood for sale. Even when using an grill, placing some 100% smoking wood pellets wrapped in aluminum foil is so easy and makes your food taste so much better. These Cabernet wine soaked oak pellets are soaked in real wine. They are not "painted" cheaply they are soaked in real Cabernet wine. These smoking wood pellets are great for grilling chicken, smoking meats, grilling bacon, smoking pork and grilling vegetables and everything else. Smoking wood pellets need to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes. If you'd like you can even soak them in apple juice or another fruit juice to give your food added flavor.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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